Johannah Rodgers is a writer, artist, and educator whose work explores issues related to representation and communication practices across media.  She is the author of 52WordDrawings (mimeograph, 2017), At, Or To Take Regret: Some Reflections on Grammars (2016), Technology: A Reader for Writers  (Oxford University Press, 2014), and the digital fiction project DNA (mimeograph/The Brooklyn Rail). Her digital projects, word drawings, essays, and book reviews have been published in Nat.BrutFence, Bookforum, and The Brooklyn Rail, where she is a contributing editor. Her visual works include What My Computer “Sees”, the Excel Drawing Series, which was featured in the The Drawing Center Viewing Program, and The How Much Project, which explores the intersection of aesthetics, civic literacy, and social action in relation to income inequality in the United States via digital and analog visualization tools.  The editor of the open access educational web site, she thinks, teaches, and writes about the social and economic histories of verbal languages and their relationships with both print and digital technologies of inscription and reproduction.  ::