make your own word drawing


make your own word drawing

to make your own word drawing, you will need one sheet of paper and a pencil or a pen

after finding a quiet place to sit with access to a flat writing surface,

first,  orient the paper in a “landscape” position, i.e., it is wider than it is long;

second, set aside anywhere from 10 to 100 minutes to think about some topic, question, phrase, or word, OR, attempt NOT to think of any of the above;

third,  draw a line across the paper, left to write, as part of which you will transcribe whatever word or set of words are in your head;

fourth, repeat until it is no longer possible to draw another line across the page;

fifth, read over and draft a title, which you will transcribe on the back of the sheet of paper, along with the date;

sixth, store in a file or box marked “word drawings.”