re:mediations + re:visions is a project dedicated to investigating the processes, assumptions, attitudes, and technologies involved with reading and writing practices in the United States from 2015 – 2020. While acts of reading and writing are mutually informing and are, at times, almost coincidental, the two acts are often seen to be distinct and are often taught in discrete and separate ways.  While writing is also always an act of reading, and, reading, an act of writing, the relationships between these two highly ambiguous and complex terms raise numerous questions.  In this project, I plan to explore these questions and others that are related to and stem from them, including the definitions and status of authorships, verbal language, authority, and “literature” at a time when significant changes are taking place in the technologies of reproduction and communication available to us.

:: What the Machines Say…”Hello.” [about]

:: Can Machines Read? A QR Code Alphabet [about]

:: At, Or To Take Regret: Some Reflections on Grammars [about]

:: What My Computer “Sees” [about]

:: Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye

:: From Text to Textonomies: Writing With Roland Barthes’ “De l’Oeuvre à Texte,” “With or Without Quotation Marks” [about]

:: Machinations [about]

:: “Wealth Begins With Human Need”: Machines Can’t “Read,” or Remediating Chapter 1 of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume 1 [about]

:: [not a book] [about]