::  Undaunted: Future Narratives : Centaur
::  The Absence of Absence
::  An Excerpt from DNA3
::  She
::  Brenda
::  The Last Election
::  DNA: A Networked Fiction Project [excerpt from DNA1 @ Numero Cinq]
::  Some Version of Herself
::  Actress
::  Beirut
::  Fiction
::  Atlas
::  And/Or: A Novel
::  Portraits and Conversations
::  Before Afternoon
::  Outside


:: “Before the Byte, There Was the Word: The Computer Word and Its Many Histories” [Interfaces, 2021]
:: “AI” Histories and Talking Heads: From Writing For to Being Written by Automated Systems [Histories of Artificial Intelligence Seminar, 2021]
:: “Word Drawings” [Practice Sharing, Winter 2020]
:: “Before the Byte, There Was the Word: Exploring the Provenance and Import of the ‘Computer Word’ for Humans, for Digital Computers, and for Their Relations” [ELO 2020 presentation]
::  the admirably fast colors speak in linen: some reflections on note 16 of Kepler’s Somnium [chapbook] [junkmail collage]
::  (Re)Mediating Alphabetic Language [ELO 2019 presentation] [work in progress]
::   The Genealogy of an Image, or, What Does Literature (Not) Have To Do with the History of Computing?
::  Academia.”edu”: A Site of Many Questions
::  At, Or To Take Regret: Some Reflections on Grammars [about]
::  Description 1: 11233: Saratoga Park  [performance] [plaintext] [about]
::  Wealth Begins With Human Need: Machines Can’t “Read,” or Remediating       Marx’s Capital Volume 1  [Essay Press | collageplaintext | video]
::  Technology: A Reader for Writers
::  Technology Is
::  Defining and Experiencing Authorship(s) in the Composition Classroom
::  Breaking Bad vs. Badly Broken
::  Imagining Potential Futures:  Income Inequality, Technology, and DNA
::  Other People’s Houses
::  Tree    Street    City
::  How Far Is Brooklyn From Manhattan?


::  Engineering Language:  Electronic Literature, the “Value” of Words, and the Purposes of the First Year College Writing Course in the U.S.

::  Engineering Language: Writing Machines and the Teaching of Writing in the 21st Century

::  Plumbing the Depths of Print: Lemuel Gulliver’s “Knowledge Engine,” John Peter’s “Artificial Versifying” and Textual Machines in 17th and 18th c. England

:: If: The Message Is the Medium, Then: There Is No End: Stuart Moulthrop and Reading and Writing Practices in a Post-Print Age [slides]

::  The Message Is the Medium: Roland Barthes and the Materialities of Reading  and Writing Practices  

::  Beyond Binaries: Literary Experimentation in Response to Print and Digital Technologies [video presentation]

::  What Is Grammar?

::  Writing Is (a) Conversation(s): Exploring Relationships Between Spoken Written Communication to Teach College Writing


::  Required Reading: A Review of Louis Bury’s Exercises in Criticism
::  Seeing and Knowing: A Review of Johanna Drucker’s Graphesis
::  Works On Paper: A Review of Robert Walser’s Microscripts
::  Why Everyone Talks About Ulrike Meinhof


::   Interview With Harry Mathews


::   machinations [about]
::   not a book [about]
::   The Coop Articles: Dispatches from the Park Slope Food Coop, 2002-2007 [print edition; digital copy] [about]
::   A St. Ives Daybook
::   A Living Lexicon for the Deacquisition of Lyrical Tendencies
::   Work In Progress
::   Atlas
::   Necessary Fictions (Sona Books, 2003)

links to earlier work

::  Driving to India
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